Motivation? What for?

Actually, you are an incredibly versatile person who has a lot of potential, aren't you? Actually. But unfortunately, there are always blockages that prevent you from achieving your full potential. You'd like to do sports, but the sofa would probably feel lonely all by itself. You want to get your business off to a good start, but get bogged down in the day-to-day business of small things. Or you finally want to take that trip around the world you've been dreaming about for so long, but the thought of planning seems too exhausting. Why is it that many of us do completely different things in our heads than in real life? 
Finding out why we lack the motivation to do many things we actually want to do ourselves is not so easy on our own. Because we ourselves lack the distance to find out why we stand in our own way. A motivation trainer is an expert in making invisible hurdles visible and effectively supports you in getting back on track with verve!

What exactly is motivation?
Behind the simple word motivation are complex psychological processes, which are always set in motion by the satisfaction of a need. You would not get the idea of getting up and running to the refrigerator when you are just full and satisfied. You would not even think of starting a global business if it was your ideal to grow your own vegetables and lie in a hammock as a consumer drop-out. Why should you put yourself through all the stress then? You will only do it when you are fully behind it and want it! Because motivation is a very personal thing!
So motivation is a complex structure of different motivations, but resistance also plays an important role. After all, if you are standing at the fridge anyway, it doesn't mean any effort to just take a beer. But if you are riding a camel through the desert, you will have to make quite different efforts to open your fridge. So you are always faced with the question of what your needs are and what you would have to do to satisfy those needs. If the effort seems too much for you or if you lack the necessary strategies to achieve your goals, your motivation may let you down. It often seems easier to just sit back and sigh and accept that your plan will remain a dream.
But is that really easier? Not realizing goals and not satisfying needs leads in the long run to you programming yourself for failure. Feelings of success are the power food of your motivation and the wind under your wings if you still want to tackle bigger projects. An experienced motivation trainer is the companion in situations in which you feel that you are simply not getting any closer to your goals, the one who reminds you of the potential that lies dormant in you and who works with you to determine the route to reach your goal.
What is a motivation trainer?
There are many different methods in modern coaching, which are aimed at very specific obstacles and hindrances. The word "coach" comes from the English word for carriage and the job of a coach is to support clients in achieving their goals. The specific task for a motivation trainer is therefore to work with you to identify obstacles and to remove them. An empathetic motivation trainer will awaken positive feelings in you, strengthen your self-confidence and work with you on strategies to achieve your goals.
Suppose you are an entrepreneur who wants to offer seminars and inspire the participants with presentations. From the head you know exactly which advantages you would gain by this. You would position yourself as an expert, make a name for yourself in your industry and help many people to solve their problems. And yet you lack the self-confidence to put your project into practice. With a motivation trainer, you have a factual and experienced expert at your side, who can recognize what you cannot see from the inside. Because your trainer sees with a trained eye where obstacles are piling up for you that prevent you from achieving your goals. During the motivation training, you get to know yourself - and realize that the only reason you have not reached your goal so far is because you have lacked individual strategies.

Why is a motivation trainer helpful?
It is often difficult to find a lack of motivation or even a complete lack of motivation alone. After all, the reasons why we don't simply do things we really want to do can be very complex. Often they are not apparent at first glance. Sometimes the goal we have set ourselves is not our goal at all, but someone else's. Perhaps you are not even aware that you have to fight against an inner bastard in your law studies again and again just because it is your father's wish that you take over his law firm - not your own. Then you lack the so-called intrinsic motivation, the motivation from your deepest inner being. Perhaps you also fail again and again to lose weight because you unconsciously bow to the beauty mania and dress code in your company, and the chic costume simply fits better in size 36.
Only when you are motivated by yourself to change your diet for your health and personal well-being and to go to fitness training, will you achieve your set goals. Or maybe you always fail because you want too much at once and give up before the home stretch is in sight. Then it will help you to set stage goals that will give you a sense of achievement and motivate you again and again. No matter what your problem is, a motivation trainer will provide clarity when you can no longer see the wood for the trees.

How does a motivation trainer work?
Many motivation trainers are broadly based and work with different methods to motivate the participants of your coaching sessions. As speakers, they give lectures for a large audience and offer impulse-giving inspiration for all participants who are looking for fresh ideas and want to go home inspired to implement the ideas themselves. As a speaker, however, a trainer can of course not address individual problems. A lecture can only ever provide motivation for a certain period of time, because the implementation is up to the participants themselves. For long-term projects or particularly stubborn cases, many trainers therefore also offer individual one-to-one consultation. A one-on-one coaching offers the opportunity for an intensive analysis of the existing situation and enables coach and participants to work out positive solutions together that work individually.
What is special about a motivation trainer?
Motivation training is one of the solution-oriented methods in the world of coaching. While with other measures the motto may be "The way is the goal", with motivation training it is simply: The goal is the goal! In motivational coaching, the only questions that come to the fore are what your goal is and how you can achieve it. So if you want to get the most out of your potential and get into action with zest for life and energy, a motivation coaching is exactly the right choice. Whether you attend lectures, attend a webinar or even an individual coaching depends on the size of your project, but all possibilities are open to you to become happy and successful.
But the experience of experiencing a motivation trainer on a big stage is something very special. There you have the group experience. You feel how other people react to the motivation trainer. You feel what he triggers in your fellow human beings. As a source of inspiration, he pulls you and your neighbours along and inspires a whole hall full of people. But it is not only about the enthusiasm or the motivation to tackle new things. It is also about breaking out of old habits.
A rousing motivation trainer grabs you at your innermost being, shakes and shakes you. He forces you to your happiness by putting yourself to the test. Open your eyes and think! This is what a real motivation trainer will trigger in you. He doesn't tell you what you want to hear. He is also not like a horoscope in the newspaper that somehow fits everything. Instead he moves you and pushes you in the right direction.
In this way he releases your potential. And you can use that potential. Because of the key experience - the keynote - in front of the big stage with all the other participants, the experience reverberates permanently. You will always remember this motivation trainer as a beacon. He shows you the direction by informing you about topics. But not in a boring and dry way, but experience-oriented or better said: absolutely motivating!

Increase your work performance with the help of a motivation trainer!
In most cases our daily work performance depends on our motivation. To effectively increase your motivation, you should consult a competent motivation trainer who will teach you the necessary techniques for increasing motivation in simple steps. You can acquire these motivation techniques by attending a motivation course, for example.

A motivation trainer enables you to increase your work performance.
Nowadays, many people cannot cope with the required work performance, which usually affects their motivation. This circumstance usually represents a vicious circle, because without sufficient motivation, performance at work can also be further reduced. But you can break this vicious circle very easily by contacting a competent motivation trainer and attending a course to increase motivation. Such a trainer can teach you very simple techniques for increasing motivation during a course.

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