1. marketing through promotional items
Promotional items have two advantages:
- The cost-benefit balance is excellent.
- The customer will remember you for a long time.
A study of the general association of the advertising novelty economy GWW registered association shows that 57 per cent of all adults over 14 years a mark or a company name on the basis from advertising novelties imprint themselves.
This makes the small giveaways much more successful than, for example, TV commercials, which only 28 percent of those surveyed remember. Particularly good success is achieved with promotional gifts if they are both unusual and practical. Ballpoint pens, lighters and coffee cups are needed by everyone - every day.
Statistics show that up to 3,000 advertising contacts per year are possible with promotional items. This makes this method more efficient than any other. In addition, the small gifts are still popular with customers and therefore have a positive image. 75 per cent of the owners of promotional items state that they are always happy about the small gifts. So it can be worthwhile.

2. e-mail and newsletter marketing
Marketing via newsletters and e-mails is so popular and successful because it is cost-effective and extremely easy to control. For this reason, 82 percent of companies use this method to date. If a few simple rules are followed, nothing stands in the way of profitable marketing via this channel:
- The content must be right. Customers who subscribe to a newsletter also want to be informed about real news in the industry and don't want to have the same thing chewed over and over again. In addition, the e-mail must state what was announced in the subject line, otherwise the trust and interest of the customers will quickly be gone. A call-to-action and infographics increase the chances of success many times over.
- It is also important that the e-mail is sent at the right time. Monday has proven to be a suitable day for B2B and B2C communication. But you should also try out different times here.
- Careful planning with definition of the target group and the goal of an e-mail campaign is essential for its success.

3. vouchers and coupons for target groups
Vouchers have been an effective marketing measure even before the age of the Internet. Not much has changed in this respect to this day. Instead of placing them in magazines or distributing them as flyers, it is now common practice to offer codes on the Internet.
The effect remains the same: Expressing gratitude to the customer and creating added value that is positively remembered. In addition, coupons can be wonderfully combined with other strategies, such as newsletter marketing, and thus support other marketing channels.
4. slogans and claim
It may seem banal, but a meaningful brand claim is sometimes more important than an elaborately produced advertisement. The claim briefly and concisely summarizes the core of the company or brand. It always remains the same, while a slogan varies from campaign to campaign.
A good slogan or claim burns itself into the customer's memory and thus ensures a high recognition value. Therefore it should be well thought out. To further increase the effect, the slogan can be made funny or controversial. Famous claims are for example:
"I love it" - McDonalds
"A Pearl of Nature" - Krombacher
"I'm not stupid" - Media Market

5. marketing by Sign Spinner

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This is certainly a rather unusual form of marketing, but it is precisely because of this that it can be extremely promising. Sign spinners are people who hold up advertising signs on the street or are dressed with them.
But there is more to it than that: Professional sign spinners are artists who draw attention to themselves with tricks and acrobatics. Here it depends on the target group to be reached and the product to be advertised. This type of guerrilla marketing is unusual and crazy and should therefore be used in a targeted and selected manner for corresponding products.

6. going from door to door
It costs overcoming and is also a little disreputable as a representative strategy, but it works! Presenting his product personally in selected households has the great advantage that customer questions and wishes can be addressed specifically and individually. In addition, a purchase or contract can be concluded directly on site.
The success story of the mobile phone app "Tinder" shows that this method has lost none of its appeal even in the Internet age. Here, too, the founders first moved from one student fraternity to the next to present and publicise their product. Soon after, the app developed into a self-runner.
Conclusion: Marketing strategies from the past are still relevant