New Media

Everything around your online presence
Take advantage with us of the unbelievable opportunities that are available to you and your business idea. Be it an effective web presence, a high-turnover shop, a social media campaign, online marketing or search engine optimization. Together with you, we will exploit your digital potential and help you to be more successful.

The process with Geck - Pack

No one knows your target group, your market, your business model and your goals better - than you. That's why dialogue is the first step. Together with you, we will develop a strategy that will allow you to exploit open potentials. We simplify the complexity of interdisciplinary solutions for you, so that you receive solutions instead of struggling with problems.

We believe in good planning and transparency. That's why we give you more insight into the development process. At the beginning of the project, you will receive a plan that defines which individual steps are necessary, where potential problems lie and how we plan to solve them as elegantly as possible. If everyone involved understands the challenge, it will be mastered and your expectations exceeded.

Appealing design is a sales argument. Because customers find their way around and enjoy being in an attractive environment. Our design turns your appearance into a clear and attractive showcase for new and existing customers.

We focus our web development on efficiency, search engine optimized code structure and highest web standards. With us you will not find any "botched" solutions, but you will receive a correctly set up and implemented solution that does not cause any problems with updates. We convince you with performance. Therefore we always hand over our solution to you open source - take a look.
Your web solution will work on the iPhone as well as on Android devices, desktop PCs, with Safari, Chrome, Firefox... and even if we find it difficult: Also on Internet Explorer. Leave the details to us. We are here so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Even after a page is finished, we'll still take care of your project. After design and implementation, we slip into the role of support. No matter if your portfolio expands, new SEO guidelines require adjustments or you have ideas for new features:
we are there for you!

Even if you decide to manage your site independently with the systems we set up.
If you are looking for advice or need help, we are there for you.
Our motivation is that you will have more success with our help.